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There are so many technology solutions that are transforming data management and customer-record-keeping. With all the choices, it can be overwhelming to determine what solutions will be the best fit, ensure business growth and increase process efficiency.

Customers are at the center of digital transformation

The manufacturing industry is rapidly undergoing changes.  Fast emerging digital technologies and the need to better understand customers are at the center of this transformation and product innovation. With all of this digital transformation, comes many technology choices and the search is on to find a solution that streamlines customer tracking and data.  The more the customer is understood, the more this data can be used to make a positive impact on market performance and improve customer dynamics.

Cloud-based CRMs look promising but there’s a catch

More organizations are discovering how cloud-based CRM solutions enable them to tackle the challenge of data visibility and actionable insights into their business trends.  The CRM option is a positive and viable one because it enables organizations to move away from multiple legacy environments that may be outdated, difficult to maintain and lack consistency. Even though cloud-based CRMs look promising they can be complex.

One-size-fits-all CRM solution approach is not the same as a customized cloud solution

Cloud CRM solution is only half of what you need to ensure higher growth and success. The other half is finding a customized solution that fits your business requirements – it’s that part of the solution that can speed up deployment, reduce training time, and optimize your organization’s business flow.

No two businesses will have the same requirements or operations. Most CRM solutions come out-of-the-box with a preliminary framework.  This initial framework and one-size-fits all approach does not account for the requirements needed by the business. While some organizations may have become masters at implementing solutions, once they experience rolling out the one-size-fits-all solution, they quickly realize it is not the same as a customized solution designed with the organizations business requirements.  As a result, organizations that attempt to implement the one-size-fits-all solution may continue to struggle.

When organizations are migrating more and more data to the cloud CRM, it’s crucial that they do it right. A customized CRM solution helps turn data into actionable information – regardless of whether your CRM journey to the cloud is to enable greater transparency or drive digital transformation.

The rise of cloud technologies, Software as a Service (SaaS) and big data are making data CRM cloud one of the most important functions of the manufacturing industry.  The main challenge of having a customized cloud CRM is finding a complete solution that meets the specific requirements of the manufacturing industry.  Salesforce has accomplished that by introducing a manufacturing cloud solution. From accelerating digital transformation, enabling greater transparency to fast-tracking the growth of organizations, this disruptive cloud CRM offers businesses endless opportunities.

What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?

Salesforce offers the manufacturing industry an end-to-end CRM solution. Users can gain a complete view of all customer activities with actionable insights that results in predictable business growth.

Every sales team’s goal aims to acquire new customers and grow existing customer spend. To do this, they must have a CRM that can extend the functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud exactly does this and more. It enables organizations to achieve effective transparency in all business processes, unlocks real-rime visibility in the sales pipeline with increased success, seamlessly manage key accounts, and swiftly respond to all customer queries and service issues.

Building out an enterprise wide Salesforce manufacturing cloud can’t be successful without a partner who will understand your entire process and customize any features you may have on your wish list.

Prime Technology Group is that partner who will ensure that you are able to achieve all of the following:

  • An excellent delivery platform on-premise and on the cloud
  • Deliver a great customer experience to improve sales
  • Create a great work atmosphere

The core of Prime Salesforce Consulting Services is our highly differentiated technical expertise in Salesforce integration and customization. Learn more how Prime can help you get the most out of your Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Solution.

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