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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Salesforce

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Excellarate empowers businesses to maximize their CRM investment

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2023 State of Technology – HealthTech, InsurTech, FinTech

Experts unlock the secrets of reaping value from technology investments in 2023

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Streamlining the Prior Authorization Process

Healthcare experts talks about streamlining the Prior Authorization process

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Enterprise Modernization and Serverless Automation With AWS

Solutions Architects from AWS help us with the basics of serverless automation

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Salesforce Consulting Services and Certified Salesforce Partner

As a Certified Salesforce Partner, we have extensive experience with Salesforce implementations, integrations and customizations. Our Salesforce implementation services include development, administration, integration, analytics, support, automation, analytics, security, and compliance. Our experience spans multiple domains, including finance, insurance, healthcare, education, environmental services, entertainment and more.

Sales Cloud

Achieve end-to-end management of opportunities, contacts, leads in real time, on the web. Integrate social media presence with customer information and interactions to nurture leads, manage campaigns and gain insights using the CRM’s analytics and forecasting functions.

Service Cloud

Create an unmatched customer experience using the CRM’s many features, solving customer problems, providing support and answers where needed and personalizing a customer’s journey to win customer loyalty.

Analytics Cloud

Using Wave analytics, enjoy access to customized state-of-the-art lenses and dashboards which allow your executive teams to derive insights based on millions of data records to take informed decisions, backed by real-time data.

Community Cloud

Facilitate amazing digitally enabled communication across stakeholders by connecting everyone in the community to enable deeper interactions to drive sales, partner relationships and employee productivity through online collaboration.

Marketing Cloud

To improve customer acquisition, create customer journeys via personalized emails, web content, mobile messages, sales, service, and ad campaigns. Leverage email, social and advertising studios to capture the pulse of your audience across various platforms. Engage your buyers with brand messaging every step of the way.

With Excellarate ‘s Salesforce Consulting Services, transform your operations, create customer value and enhance employee experience.  Realize the potential of your Salesforce implementation and automate your current processes by integrating your CRM with your business applications.  Whether you are trying to implement or getting better use of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, or Marketing Cloud.    We bring our expertise in consulting, implementation, integration, data migration, customization and support and maintenance to all these Salesforce Clouds.   Contact us to get started today!

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