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Reduce costs and process time while increasing scalability and efficiency with RPA.

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2023 State of Technology – HealthTech, InsurTech, FinTech

Experts unlock the secrets of reaping value from technology investments in 2023

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Streamlining the Prior Authorization Process

Healthcare experts talks about streamlining the Prior Authorization process

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Enterprise Modernization and Serverless Automation With AWS

Solutions Architects from AWS help us with the basics of serverless automation

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the ideal accelerator in today's uncertain market states. However, many miss its success factors and find it challenging to identify processes that are a fit and the quantification of value they can deliver.

RPA is most apt where there are:

  • Repetitive and rule-based tasks that need substantial human effort
  • Processes that do not deviate substantially
  • Multiple and duplicate processes
  • Multiple data formats that flow across various systems
  • High-volume, high-frequency, and time-consuming processes
  • Critical processes but prone to human errors
  • Processes that work with legacy systems

Our Process

With adaptive maintenance, Excellarate will modify your applications that result from changes to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business policies of a related product, keeping your system up to date with little to no downtime.

Excellarate partners with UiPath to transform business processes through AI-powered RPA. Combining our experience in AI and ML with UiPath, our clients can scale with critical digital business solutions.

UiPath Partner and certified professionals
Automated ~1,000 hours of manual efforts
Citrix/console automation - screen and data
Scraping, where window and controls are interpreted as an image
Excel-based automation for web, console and windows applications
API and database automation for HR management system

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