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Cloud-based Portfolio Management Solutions from Excellarate

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Financial and wealth management organizations rely on a large amount of data for critical decision making. This data contains a wealth of insight that can be used to boost the health of financial portfolios. However, for many firms, this data remains stuck in spreadsheets and other siloed applications. In a fast-paced industry characterized by complexity and uncertainty, portfolio management teams need tools and applications that make their processes efficient and reliable.

Excellarate provides innovative solutions that empower wealth management and financial organizations to effectively manage growing volumes of financial data. Not just any off-the-shelf portfolio management solution will do. Excellarate provides a customized portfolio management solution that integrates into your business with ease and scales as business evolves. We provide firms with tools for portfolio management, rebalancing, trade execution, risk analytics, and fiduciary compliance.

Data Accessibility, Accuracy & Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Portfolio managers rely on the accuracy and accessibility of investment data to make quick and confident decisions that fuel their business. Without the right tools and systems in place to manage the constant flow of complex data, they’ll spend more and more of their time chasing and managing data instead of client-focused activities. Up to 80% of a portfolio manager’s time is spent on managing, joining, and preparing data for analysis in spreadsheets or aging legacy systems. These out-dated methods are ill-equipped to easily capture, organize, and analyze large volumes of client data. Portfolio management has evolved. Conventional, on-premise portfolio management solutions are simply unable to provide the data management capabilities that today's businesses demand.

Excellarate brings the power of Salesforce to Portfolio Management.

PRIME TotalView (PTV) is a modern, comprehensive portfolio management system built on the Salesforce platform.

Core System Features

  • User Management
  • Account Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Securities Management
  • Security Lots Management
  • Ad-hoc Trading via Trade Files
  • Transactions Maintenance
  • Trade Rule Maintenance
  • Reconciliation
  • Data Management and Import

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Fully integrated with Salesforce CRM
  • Cloud-based, intuitive, high-performance platform
  • Enables advisory firms to move from spreadsheets to more scalable solution
  • Fulfills compliance requirements for more thorough record-keeping and more frequent contact with clients (KYC)
  • Licensed out-of-the-box or customizeable to meet specific needs
  • The power of Salesforce with the functionality of a portfolio management system
  • Maintain critical customer data in a seamless, turn-key solution
  • Enables advisors to view and maintain portfolios, accounts, and holdings
  • When combined with Excellarate’s Rebalancer, enables model creation and assignment to establish and maintain desired strategies
  • Customizeable to retrieve market pricing data from a firm’s specified supplier
  • Produces custodian-specific trade files for the top tier custodians and can be enhanced to incorporate custodian APIs or a 3rd party brokerage service

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