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Our Vision

To be an ace technology transformation services company, where technology leaders can find solutions in healthtech, insurtech, fintech, and enterprise tech to drive innovation and accelerate growth.

Our Mission

We strive to excel with innovation. We offer our clients accelerated time to market, and deep domain expertise in healthtech, fintech, and insurtech. Our product engineering teams help build engaging product experiences through top-notch solutions that build value for our clients.

Excellarate is born from an amalgamation of two established  tech businesses – Synerzip and Prime Technology Group. Both companies develop technology services and solutions for a global list of  200+ clients.

Towards the end of 2020, Synerzip and PrimeTGI merged together. The combined entity now aims to become the de-facto technology transformation partner for companies within Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services industries.

Excellarate solves complex business problems with simple, tangible solutions. Our unique, innovative frameworks and decades of domain expertise accelerate product roadmaps. We deliver fast, reliable solutions for the HealthTech, FinTech, and InsurTech.

Executive Leadership

Nick Sharma 

Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Siporin  

Chief Financial Officer

Vijay Bommisetti 

Chief People Officer

Ramesh Nathawani 

Chief Delivery Officer and Managing Director (India)

Vikram Bhalchandra 

Chief Revenue Officer

Sonu Agarwal 

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Watson  

Senior Vice President of Sales

James Sloan 

CIO and EVP, Financial Services and North America Delivery

Lauren Reiss  

Chief Solutions Officer - HealthTech

Tim Clark 

Vice President, Insurtech and Appian Delivery