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Operational excellence through intelligent automation

Solutions and frameworks that help you automate compliance, enhance your profitability and get a handle on your data challenges.

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2023 State of Technology – HealthTech, InsurTech, FinTech

Experts unlock the secrets of reaping value from technology investments in 2023

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Streamlining the Prior Authorization Process

Healthcare experts talks about streamlining the Prior Authorization process

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Enterprise Modernization and Serverless Automation With AWS

Solutions Architects from AWS help us with the basics of serverless automation

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For Providers

  • Converting unstructured data such as notes, films, photos, etc. to data that can be integrated with patient data
  • Aggregating data from wearables into mainstream patient data
  • Improving administrative side of being a provider such as optimizing supply chain and procurement costs, automated
  • patient scheduling and notification, interfacing with legacy technology, etc.
  • Automated and private patient intake
  • Eliminate bias and disparity in patient care

For Payers:

  • Automate common tasks such as eligibility verification, claim status follow-up, test scheduling, and payment authorization by collating data from disparate systems
  • Process unstructured data such as faxes and handwritten authorization notes to ensure seamless flow of data across providers and payers
  • Optimize revenue cycles for providers and payers with reduced declines
  • Medical and Pharmacy Claims Processing

Seamlessly build and enhance your 340B products with highly differentiated technical expertise and easy implementation

  • Robust 340B Framework customized to meet your 340B needs with the flexibility to support the end-to-end complex processes from 340B claim identification, drug accumulation and replenishment activity, through invoicing and payments.
  • Identify and resolve unmapped revenue items to positively impact your bottom line.
  • Implement inventory management and procurement tools to support multiple ordering platforms, wholesaler accounts, and pricing contracts.
  • Customizable reporting engine easily enabled for you to provide insights to your clients and internal teams.
  • Effortlessly integrate with third-party data sources, including pharmacy software, wholesalers, suppliers, gateways and other ancillary providers.
  • Customized, automated workflows and decision-making engine.
340B solutions

340B framework customized quickly and specifically for your organization

Highly functional, interoperable and customizable EMR and EHR solutions

Excellarate provides highly functional EMR/EHR and Healthcare Data Management solutions to meet specific needs of specialty and sub-specialty practices. Our solutions portfolio is fully compliant with HIPAA security standards, HL7 messaging, and ONC certification standards.

  • Understand the requirements for health benefit exchanges.
  • Better manage the patient and member experience.
  • Drive engagements to help build effective strategies for member identification, experience, and retention.

Gain tangible efficiency improvements with Excellarate's Pharmacy Benefit solutions

Excellarate develops and implements solutions for Pharmacy Benefit Managers that enhance efficiency through simplified processes, customized to each PBM’s specific requirements.

Our industry experts bring decades of experience in the healthcare field and unmatched, specialized, technical expertise within the PBM domain.

While being highly regulated, the healthcare industry stands to gain enormous benefits and tangible cost savings by using technology to harness the power of data. At Excellarate, we understand the complex challenges facing the healthcare industry, and we can help you navigate a path to the future.

Single, integrated view of all processes

Enhanced operational decision making

Better patient outcomes through intelligent software

Increased efficiency through insight into costs and outcomes

Re-engineered Information Architecture/PaaS

End-to-end solutions to improve operational efficiency

Solutions for Health Insurers

End-to-end AI Enablement

From running experiments and proof of concepts to full scale production ready AI deployments, Excellarate can help you achieve real benefits of AI and Machine Learning algorithms, computer vision, and natural language processing to make sense of unstructured and semi-structured data.

Our experts brings together business intelligence analysts, software engineers and user experience professionals to turn data into insight, and provide decision makers with actionable intelligence.

Excellarate brings decades of experience and delivers state-of-the-art predictive analytics and machine learning solutions to our healthcare clients. Our solutions provide decision makers with accurate and critical insights to improve operational excellence.

Faster time to value with Excellarate and AWS

While healthcare providers are restricted by regulation and compliance requirements to use the cloud to the fullest, they can adopt the cloud in non-healthcare areas of the enterprise such as accounting, human resources, procurement, compliance automation etc.

Improve the right metrics with seamless BPM and BPA

Healthcare providers and payers have complex infrastructure with even more complicated processes that need to deliver the right data to the right people while maintaining compliance with stringent regulations and privacy requirements.

Leverage Excellarate’s domain expertise and software development experience in building and improving a robust set of processes that enable faster time to value and better patient care.

Time-tested application development services

Excellarate combines superior time-tested product engineering expertise and decades of industry domain knowledge to deliver robust and scalable application development, QA and test automation, and UX and UI services.

We also work with clients on short-term engagements to test theories and develop proof of concepts.

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