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Around the world, healthcare organizations have been overwhelmed with the pandemic and an influx of COVID19 patients. The pandemic has caused healthcare providers to receive a sudden influx of inquiries and requests for consultations.

With this patient volume, the health care industry’s ability to manage and track this sudden influx of inquiries and requests is being tested.  What is making it difficult to past this test is their current technology solutions are outdated.  Many healthcare providers have legacy healthcare solutions that are unable to keep pace with the increasing demands of their staff, clinical teams, and patient information. Unfortunately, all these teams spend much of their time with these outdated forms of employee communication and patient engagement.

As a result, the response to patient information may only be reactive or not as quickly as desired.  Much of a clinical support team’s time is spent managing, joining and preparing data.  Most of these tasks are not fully supported in legacy software.   As a result, healthcare providers require a technology refresh and a solution that can meet these requirements.  With the rise of cloud technologies solutions like Salesforce, virtual health and Chatbots, providers now have affordable options to replace their legacy software.

How confident are you in your organization’s ability to adapt to COVID?

As healthcare organizations navigate through the complex COVID situation, patient care activities can be a common impediment.  Despite a strong focus on efforts, many organizations do not believe their technologies are fully effective to support key patient activities such as coordinating, supporting management teams (and authorities) and implementing emergency measures.

Patient data is increasingly leveraged in the battle of the pandemic. COVID-19 Care Response Solution by Salesforce provides a level of flexibility and reliability to emergency response teams, health systems, health insurers and life sciences organizations.

Benefits of COVID-19 Care Response Solution by Salesforce:

  1. Salesforce, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, enables healthcare providers to:
    • Identify & track cases,
    • Schedule screening/tests,
    • Identify track high-risk patients,
    • Train staff for CDC recommended systemic COVID19 clinical triage.
  2. Through these new processes and solutions, patients can:
    • Engage with their care teams through Communities,
    • Keep updated via trusted sources and information from their providers.
  3. Emergency response teams and health systems who use this COVID19 Salesforce solution can:
    • Configure standard call scripts to help deal with the deluge of incoming health-related requests via phone and
    • Chat with an emergency response contact center solution.

Building out a Salesforce Care Response solution can’t be successful without a partner who will understand your entire process and customize any features you may have on your wish list.   Prime is that Partner.  The core of Prime’s Salesforce Consulting Services is our highly differentiated technical expertise in Salesforce integration and customization.

Prime Technology Group will ensure that you are able to achieve all of the following:

  • An excellent delivery platform on-premise and on the cloud
  • Deliver a great customer experience to improve sales
  • Create a great work atmosphere

Learn more about how Prime can help you get the most out of your Salesforce Care Response Solution.

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