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With business environments depending on technology for their functioning, change is the only permanent thing for enterprises. They need to constantly adopt innovative new technologies and processes to outwit the competition; and also quickly embrace new opportunities in their constant endeavours to retain market share and customer loyalty.

Prime KI Software Solutions Group offers secure, compliant, and scalable frameworks which cover end-to-end processes in technology adoption and digital transformation and reduce costs while meeting project deadlines. Our Prime advantage can help you accelerate your efforts to complete these projects and stand out further!

From data collection to big data optimization to performance measurement, enjoy Prime’s efficient, fast-working tools and services to support your performance and impact! Prime’s services cover emerging technologies, to help you get future-ready, with solutions which can be launched quickly to enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Every transaction a business puts through generates multiple number of data points. These high volumes of data offer us an extraordinary opportunity to streamline its processes and operations, gain insights into customer preferences and expectations and improve its efficiency and productivity by encouraging strategic reengineering of the way it functions.

Big data’s ability to offer strategic insights and enable decision making has leant immense importance to good data management and architecture. We help businesses to harness Big Data by collecting, assessing, maintaining and analyzing it, and to disseminate information using advanced data warehousing and decision support tools. We also help architect and design databases, create data migration processes, and develop customized reports to meet the needs of your business.

Prime’s Analytics services provide businesses with the ability to analyze a summary of past events or historical data to extract the hidden dependencies, pattern and trends to offer organizations and decision makers the ability to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Prevent improper payments
  • Reduce waste, fraud and abuse
  • E-discover important documentation
  • Channelize resources better
  • Achieve higher productivity
  • Predict future events with accuracy and prepare for the changes by basing executive decisions on them

While predictive analytics uses advanced and highly complex machine learning methods to analyze data, prescriptive analytics offers suggestions based on those predictions to enhance decision-making. This combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics can spearhead efficient administration and governance to offer strategic insights and direction. Prime’s analytics services offer you value for money, as they analyze the data and identify trends and patterns to derive such actionable insights.

Cloud Advisory Services:

The world is porting to digital as companies are beginning their cloud journey with great enthusiasm. It is very important to find the right cloud solution as its implementation and adoption require true expertise from your vendor for cloud advisory services. Prime provides end-to-end cloud advisory services, starting from explaining why you need a cloud solution to suggesting the right cloud platform to suit your requirements and completing all the required steps to migrate your operations to the cloud. Be assured of superior business agility, shorter product time-to-market, reduced costs, superior customer experiences. The migration will happen only after Prime has laid out a roadmap for the adoption in alignment with your current and future business goals. Migrate to cloud with Prime to enjoy superior content management abilities, customer relationship management, human resources information, field services management as well as geospatial intelligence, security, compliance and governance and configuration of price quotes.

Salesforce Consulting

As a certified Salesforce Partner, Prime is an established and trusted name in Salesforce integration and customization services, spanning a period of over a decade. Be it finance, healthcare or entertainment, industry leaders trust pur name and turn to us for services. Our Salesforce implementation services include development, administration, integration, analytics and security, monitoring & compliance. We customize our processes to meet your needs and help you build an excellent delivery platform on-premise and on the cloud. Deliver a great customer experience to improve sales and create a great work atmosphere with support from our excellent Salesforce implementation teams.

Manage opportunities, contacts, leads in real time, on the web, integrating social media presence with customer information and interactions to nurture leads, manage campaigns and gain insights. Create an unmatched customer experience using the CRM’s many features, solve customer problems, provide support and answers where needed and personalize a customer’s journey to win customer loyalty like never before as Prime’s implementation delivers results.

Mobility Solutions
As more and more users turn to mobile devices to access different applications and platforms, businesses are working overtime to make their enterprise applications accessible on mobile devices, designing solutions which work across platforms whether iOS, Android, Blackberry, phone or tablet. Prime’s mobility solutions are collaborative and offer a compelling mobile user experience which is responsive and meets users’ needs in seamless transactions and feature rich content. Prime helps empower your enterprise applications by leveraging your existing enterprise architecture and investments.

DevOps is a trusted IT solution offered by Prime to improve the quality and reliability of your business-centric applications. Turn to DevOps if you wish to improve agility, reduce costs and conserve resources, improve collaboration between operations and development teams and create a dynamic infrastructure using automation tools. Prime’s proprietary methodologies and systems can transform your business processes and help streamline your software development processes and ensure that they function seamlessly, leading to improved market share, competitive advantage and better customer satisfaction.

If these services and benefits seem worthwhile and necessary to the success of your business, do call us to learn more, set things rolling and sit back to wait for the results.

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