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Synerzip, a dual-shore Agile software product development partner for small to midsized, typically venture funded technology companies, announced today that it has partnered with Michael Hall of Three Beacons LLC ( to provide Agile Methods training services to Synerzip’s team and client partners.

Founded in 2004, Synerzip has built its reputation on the basis of its in-depth understanding of the real challenges faced by software companies who need to build innovative software products in a capital efficient manner. Synerzip serves these clients effectively, using its dual-shore Agile model.

The Agile approach to software development embraces changing and evolving business requirements while following a highly disciplined engineering approach to building software. Using the Agile approach, working software is delivered to business users in short cycles, often one or two weeks each. These short delivery cycles allow frequent feedback from business users, timely course corrections where needed, and a pattern of repeated testing, which ultimately results in a robust software product which actually meets the true needs of business users.

“Synerzip is a thought leader in the utilization of Agile Methods. Their first-hand experience and successful history of combining Agile Methods with offshore outsourcing provides a definite and significant business advantage to their clients, and that is what attracted me to this alliance,” said Mr. Hall. “I am excited to be working as a Synerzip partner, and am looking forward to helping existing and potential Synerzip clients with their software methods training needs,” added Hall. While Synerzip has been practicing the Agile approach to software development since its inception, we realize that many of our client teams and new hires need coaching and training to truly adopt the Agile practices correctly. The Agile process is responsive and adaptive, yet it requires a sound discipline of software engineering. Having Mike Hall available as an Agile Coach/Trainer to our teams and our clients, will really help improve proper adoption of Agile practices, said Hemant Elhence, CEO of Synerzip.

Michael Hall is the CEO and founder of Three Beacons, LLC, a leading provider of Agile Methods training and consultancy services. Hall is a Certified Scrum Master, trained by the inventor of Scrum, Ken Schwaber. He is considered an expert at integrating transformative practices such as Agile Methods and disciplined quality into existing corporate cultures. Michael has developed and delivered training on Agile Methods through workshops, tutorials, and speaking engagements. As an early adopter, his practical experience with Agile Methods spans over 8 years. Michael has over 20 years of practical experience leading and transforming both small and large teams to successful commercial product delivery at companies such as WorldLink, Samsung, ESI, Nortel Networks, and E-Systems. Ten of these years involved collaborative offshore outsourcing with development teams located in India and Korea. Michael was part of the leadership team that established Nortel India in Borivali, India as a joint partnership with Tata Consulting Services during the seminal days of offshore outsourcing.


About Synerzip

Synerzip, based in Dallas, Texas, serves small/mid-sized companies with dual-shore (US + India based) Agile software product development and QA/testing services. Synerzip was founded in 2004 by a seasoned team of software professionals, who deeply understand the common pitfalls of software development. Synerzip helps its clients leverage the offshore advantage without the upfront risk, hassle factor, and set-up costs.

Synerzip’s clients include leading privately funded technology companies, such as 360Commerce, Traq Wireless, Credant Technologies, DataCert, Servient, CMS Globalsoft, Skywire Software, Pavilion Technologies, Gimmal Group, PDX/, ClearOrbit, UnWired Buyer, MediaCart and NeoFirma. As a true partner, Synerzip allows its clients to take over their offshore team to turn it into their own captive operation.

For more information, please contact:

Jill Hoersten

Tel: +1.214.914.8513



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