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Synerzip, the offshore software product development partner for technology companies, announced today the successful and complete transfer of software product development team to Servient, a Houston, Texas-based company that gives attorneys an innovative solution to handle paper and electronic discovery. The system allows legal counsel to search, review, organize and manage all of their discovery through a fully automated solution.

Servient was Synerzip’s first customer, starting the engagement in Q1 of 2004. At that time, Servient was just starting their software product development and decided to engage with Synerzip to help them build their offshore team and manage the product development process. Over the course of last three years, Synerzip and Servient team worked collaboratively to grow the offshore team build Servient’s innovative software application.

Synerzip and Servient teams used Agile software development practices, which are lightweight yet robust for effective dual-shore software product development. The teams work highly collaboratively with open and frequent communication. The product management and architecture design leadership was provided by Servient’s team based in Houston, Texas and Glen Allen, Virginia. All of detailed design, development, and testing were handled by Synerzip team which was dedicated to Servient. This dedicated team has now been successfully transitioned to Servient’s captive operation in Pune, India.

“Synerzip has been a great partner for us in helping build the offshore team, with minimal upfront cost and hassle. We experienced remarkable stability of team, excellent professional caliber, and outstanding teamwork. With Servient’s operation reaching the next level of business growth and maturity, this transition to captive operation was a logical path for Servient. We are very pleased with this overall experience of building the team with Synerzip,” said Mr. Ian Wilson, CEO of Servient.

The team stability and smooth transfer was enabled by Servient’s astute management team and Synerzip’s unique approach known as the Gradual Team Transfer model. With the Gradual Team Transfer approach, Synerzip team is able to ensure a graceful team transfer with minimal risk of upsetting the team morale and rhythm of work.

“Working with Servient team was a great learning experience for us and it was nice to see a small team grow to a sizable and mature operation in a highly collaborative and team oriented work environment. Transitioning this team now over to Servient is a win-win arrangement for all the parties involved — Servient, Synerzip, and above all, the team members, who are thrilled to be directly working with an exciting company like Servient,” said Hemant Elhence, CEO of Synerzip.


About Synerzip

Synerzip, based in Dallas, Texas, serves small/mid-sized companies with dual-shore (US + India based) Agile software product development and QA/testing services. Synerzip was founded in 2004 by a seasoned team of software professionals, who deeply understand the common pitfalls of software development. Synerzip helps it clients leverage the offshore advantage without the upfront risk, hassle factor, and set-up costs.

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Jill Hoersten

Tel: +1.214.914.8513


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