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Jeff Farris, President and CEO and Louis Martinez, CIO of Fort Worth, Texas-based PDX, Inc., a leading provider of retail pharmacy technology and solutions in the United States, announced their plans to expand their teams hosted with Synerzip in Pune, India.

In addition to its own internal development team, PDX enlisted Synerzip resources to aid in the development of its latest software offerings, including the Enterprise Pharmacy System which is being implemented in pharmacies across the U.S.

Farris expressed his satisfaction with the return on investment. PDX was able to derive by outsourcing their software product development to Synerzip. He announced plans to expand the current team of 30 engineers to 50 in the near future. Martinez added, “Synerzip’s agile delivery model and their ability to attract talent has resulted in a team that compares well with their own teams in the U.S.”


About PDX

Almost 10,000 pharmacies across the U.S. benefit from technologies provided by PDX® and affiliates® and NHIN®. PDX continues to build on its 25+ year commitment to excellence in retail pharmacy and patient care. Its single-source, integrated solution is unmatched by any other single provider or group of technology providers. It features the fast, intuitive, and advanced Enterprise Pharmacy System-already the choice of 17 chains and one major managed care plan; the portable, interoperable Electronic Pharmacy Record which contains over 1 billion prescriptions and 78 million patients; industry-leading accounts receivable services from AbsoluteAR store-based mail order and central fill services from; pharmaceutical manufacturer performance programs; and more.

About Synerzip

Synerzip, based in Dallas, Texas, serves small/mid-sized companies with dual-shore (US + India based) Agile software product development and QA/testing services. Synerzip was founded in 2004 by a seasoned team of software professionals, who deeply understood the common pitfalls of software development. Synerzip helps its clients leverage the offshore advantage without the upfront risk, hassle factor, and set-up costs. Synerzip’s offshore development center is located in Pune, India. As a true partner, Synerzip allows its clients to take over its offshore team and turn it into their own captive operation. Synerzip’s clients include leading privately funded technology companies.



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