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The Client

The client is a top-rated national life insurance company in the United States, with more than 1.000.000 policy holders.

The Challenge

As the company evolved over time, operational challenges would surface that needed to be resolved in order to keep operations running smoothly. Amongst the biggest offender were processes that had become inefficient, paper waste resulting from manual processes, and inability to effectively track workflows.  The company sought an innovative, enterprise-wide solution that would be easily customized for each business operation.

The client turned to Excellarate for a solution that would optimize processes, enhance customer service, and create an operational transformation while remaining adaptable to meet future business needs.

Key objectives:

  • Provide a 20% improvement on underwriting costs
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Create an agile and flexible environment for business expansion
  • Add new functionality in customer service, annuities, and claims

The Solution

To address its operational challenges in customer service, claims, new business, underwriting, annuities, and accounting, Excellarate recommended a powerful, customized process and content management solution. The system was designed to enable the client to meet its customer service and efficiency goals, interoperate with existing third-party administrative systems, and create and agile environment that could scale and adapt easily to meet future requirements. It automates all processes related to customer service—paper-based processes, underwriting, ready access to relevant information and documentation, and real-time status on all work inventories.

The Outcome

By implementing Excellarate’s customized process and content management system, the client now enjoys 95% first call resolution rates, 98%+ accuracy of closed inquires, automatic routing of work, and real-time dashboards that help manage workload more effectively. The project completed under budget, on schedule, and met the requested requirements. A combination of eliminating paper and automating workflow are driving the largest savings, but the client also anticipates a reduction in staffing levels of 20 to 35% in the core and support areas.