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The Client

The client is a technology-focused health insurance company headquartered in New York. With a sharp focus on customers and their experience, the company emphasizes on transparent pricing, telemedicine insurance, and technology-focused healthcare channels. The company aims to better customer experience through its mix of knowledge, experience and expertise in healthcare and technology.

The Challenge

Exponential growth in business within a short span meant that everything in the client’s business needed to keep up, including the technology infrastructure.

However, rapid growth led to a patchwork of software to keep the business going.

Core business processes such as claims management and provider onboarding, among other processes, were implemented using software not meant to handle such complex workflows. Instead of being a source of empowerment, technology became the client’s Achilles heel.

The client needed a technology framework that could not only fix the existing situation but also be flexible to accommodate changes in business practices, regulations, and market dynamics.

The Solution

Excellarate worked with the client to set up an Appian-based low code platform as the core of its applications infrastructure. Using a low-code platform helped accelerate the time-to-value for the client. It also helped them process different needs, data formats, and stakeholder checkpoints from different departments into one seamless platform.

The Outcome

Appian’s low-code platform truly democratizes application building into the hands of business power users. Without any reliance on software developers and IT teams, power users could quickly create,

  • New configurations to collect the required information from the users.
  • Seamless workflows assign and process requests, record data, and log.
  • Build robust and modern ticket management interfaces.
  • Create new rules and validations with existing setups.

By moving to a more predictable license model from Appian, the client was also able to save cost and better plan its budgets by doing away with a difficult-to-manage license model of the latter legacy software.

The client could also provide a single sign-on across all services by integrating with its Active Directory. Power users can provision and de-provision licenses in the backend with a single click.

The platform also empowers departmental teams to configure the interface, process, and define the required data, making the system highly effective, relevant, flexible, and responsive without relying on specialized IT teams.


  • Predictable cost management and licensing
  • Seamless workflows
  • Modern management interfaces
  • Easy integration with existing setups
  • Single sign-on across all services
  • Appian enables effective, relevant, flexible and responsive system