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The Client

The client is a leading IT product, solution, and services company was seeking new communications technologies to more securely and efficiently connect with customers. The company wanted to provide customers with instant access to support staff, but was unable to identify a solution that would satisfy its business and technical requirements.

The Challenge

The company evaluated several instant customer-to-business communications solutions and found that many lacked one or more essential features, like personalization, worldwide accessibility, security, or the ability to transfer data from inbound calls for personalized service. The secure and reliable toll-free calling mechanisms needed to implement such a solution were expensive to host around the globe and not always available everywhere.

At the conclusion of its search for a solution provider, the company selected Excellarate for its deep understanding of the real-time, multi-channel communications space; impressive technical aptitude and prowess; and extensive experience building embedded calling solutions. Excellarate’s approach to  implementation involves a deep understanding of the client’s pain points and developing tailored solutions to overcome them.

The Solution

Excellarate engaged professionals with real-time, multi-channel communications domain expertise, including a strong technical acumen for building solutions and project management experience deploying solutions in short timeframes. Excellarate’s engineers were able to successfully integrate its proprietary modern communications platform, built with WebRTC communications through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to communication, identifying the efficient and cost-effective call routing based on the phone number provided by the business.

The platform provides click-to-call functionality that offers cost-effective,  easy-to-use calling options for customers to reach the company. Users access this capability from Excellarate’s customer web sites and calls are routed based on user location. The platform enables SIP to SIP or SIP to Public Switch Telecommunications Network (PSTN) communications, which minimizes communication costs. It works in all modern browsers and devices connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world.

Click to Call Diagram
Key features include:
  • Browser-based calling
  • Visual directory/search-based calling
  • Configurable availability and private calling
  • Mobile application integration
  • Marketing/call center/communication platform application integration
  • Call records integration
  • Web Forms support
  • Branding
  • Email and SMS integration
  • White labeling and hosting

The Outcome

Excellarate enabled the company to derive the benefits of instant communication and data transfer through any website or mobile application. It differs from other free-calling software, as it requires no downloads, plug-ins, or login information for the customer to call—simply click and connect.