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Organizations are constantly seeking ways that can create value for their business and save costs on infrastructure. IT is proving to be a business enablement machine, thanks to disruptive products and services currently being delivered that was unheard of a decade ago. Cloud computing is helping businesses open new channels of communication with customers, gain insights into data trends, and create new products & services accurately customized to the targeted markets-all by leveraging the disruptive technology.

AWS creates a Collaborative Environment that makes sharing Information Seamlessly

Successful businesses are capitalizing on new ways of operating, keeping IT in the driver seat, as this is shown to increase the company’s bottom line. As the idea of Amazon Web Services (AWS) becomes ubiquitous, many organizations have moved past questions of “why” and “if” to “when” as it has proved helpful in removing roadblocks to innovation, high costs, and complexity. AWS creates a collaborative environment that enables employees to share information seamlessly.

Cloud Computing does more than Saving IT Costs

The advent of disruptive technologies over the last few years has changed the way organizations conduct business. Initially, the rush to adopt cloud computing was mainly to achieve IT cost savings but it also helps to increase flexibility and productivity. All the stakeholders involved in the project including partners and suppliers can interact, connect and collaborate. What matters in this digital age for everyone is access to information that is real-time, customized and mobile.

Cloud Computing at the center of Everything Organizations do

There is an unprecedented demand for solutions that meet the objectives of a business and personal needs, preferences surrounding devices and mobility. As the world becomes more and more digitalized and IT becomes a hub, organizations see cloud computing at the center of everything they do. But the biggest question worrying organizations is not about how much data they have with them or how much they are investing in the maintenance of IT, it is about how they can arrive at breakthroughs in technology that can drive business value and deliver business results.

AWS delivering business value in ways it is impossible to imagine

AWS is helping businesses harness IT in ways it is impossible to imagine a decade ago- it is not only about leveraging IT to keep costs to a minimum, but also to provide new services,  gain insights into customers, enhance productivity and accelerate go to market. To put it in simple words, AWS enables businesses to create solutions that can boost the bottom line. Capitalizing on the disruptive capabilities of AWS, helps customers gain access to data, unleash mobility, and secure data besides making it accessible to everyone. What makes AWS the much-sought-after is that it will free up valuable resources leveraged to manage complex and expensive data centers and help them repurpose, so that they can focus on other priorities of the business.

AWS helping organizations gain rare business insights

AWS through its reliable and innovative services helps address a variety of business challenges facing the customers. Whether the challenge is to launch an e-commerce website, run supply chain application or model complex products, AWS is helping gain rare business insights, accelerate service delivery, and deliver new product or service offerings customized to meet burgeoning demand.

One thing is quite clear, organizations that rely on cloud computing see immediate results where innovation is quick and affordable because there is no need to fund driving insights from CRM data, or a team of developers working 24/7 on a new service.

AWS presents a valuable opportunity for organizations to gain greater flexibility, capacity and everything that matters. Currently though, more than half of these projects fail to reach completion due to lack of focus required to provide a true advantage.

More organizations are discovering how AWS enables them to tackle the challenge of data-driven disruption. But there are winners too, the companies that can respond quickly. The key to that response is finding a good partner who can drive cloud solutions that make your business IT base simpler, faster, and less expensive. Prime can help organizations to leverage flexible, scalable, and cost-effective and secure solutions with the AWS Cloud platform.

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