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The difference between firms that have aligned with cloud and business objectives and those that have not is quite noticeable. Truth to be told, you can usually tell after looking over the strategy alignment, roadmap and business operating model to know which category they fall into. Firms aligned with sound cloud strategy achieve the benefits of this disruptive adoption, optimize investment and deliver business results. Meanwhile, the ones who have not aligned risk being left behind and worst stare at a situation where a business is losing customers to competitors

Harnessing digital disruption to drive business success

Whether a company wants to enhance their business, deliver results that match expectations of customers, or keep pace with the changing digital landscape, harnessing digital disruption can help them drive business success and accelerate growth. 70% of organizations that have manual processes at the heart of their operations have access to data they should not have. But what is more surprising is that the majority of their time is spent on routine, repetitive maintenance just to keep business running that is fast becoming a problem for companies.

Digitization is changing the way organizations meet business objectives

The rise of digital technologies and a generation of connected consumers are changing the way organizations meet business objectives. While delivering digital services to customers, investing in disruptive capabilities and providing exceptional customer are important to achieve this goal, but many organizations are stuck with their data siloed in internal and external systems. Complex application landscapes and on-premise IT infrastructure amplify data management issues.

Challenges around finding the right technology

As your applications and data sources explode and on-premise so do the challenges around finding the right technology for data management and proper data governance increases. What if you had a technology that allows people access to the same kinds of applications without having to depend on running applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or on-premise server?

Cloud computing projects present a valuable opportunity

For organizations that want to eliminate the need to invest in IT infrastructure equipment and build-out and operate on-premise data centers, cloud computing projects present a valuable opportunity for organizations to eliminate the need for expensive and extensive capital investment. Currently though, more than half of these cloud adoption projects fail to reach completion, run over budget, or lack the focus required to provide true advantage. So what’s going wrong?

The truth is there’s a single, underlying threat to the majority of cloud computing projects that often go unnoticed. And no matter how sophisticated your capabilities, if you have this problem, you’re going to see not so encouraging results from the project efforts. What is missing is cloud expertise that provides valuable inputs on:

  • Why cloud solutions?
  • How cloud services can enhance business agility by shortening the product time-to-market?
  • What is the right platform to reduce costs without affecting both the user and customer experiences?

Managing multiple applications and data sources across the cloud can be complex and difficult. Many companies face these challenges because they may have not followed three steps analysis involved in this process:

  • The readiness quotient of the organization by laying a roadmap for a cloud solution and align the same with the business goals.
  • The execution plan by measuring the effectiveness of existing applications and identifying future business goals.
  • The realization of cloud migration.

Taking more of your business to the cloud, do this

If you’re betting your future on cloud computing initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation journey, don’t overlook choosing the right cloud strategy that can help you with the right cloud platform to meet your business objectives.

Take that first step today, the first step is easier than you think. Begin your cloud journey with Prime Cloud advisory services.

Prime’s Resourceful Cloud Team is expert in providing exceptional solutions to areas like:

  • Content Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • Data Analytics and Integration
  • Field Service Management
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Financial Systems
  • Security, Compliance, and Governance
  • Geospatial Intelligence

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