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Digital transformation has gone mainstream and with it came the most valid and obvious question, that is, what challenge will organizations face post implementation journey. Digital transformation projects no doubt present a valuable opportunity for organizations to gain better customer experience, digitalization of business Operations.

Despite of the fact that many companies are embarking on digital transformation initiatives, more than half of these projects failing to reach completion, or lack the focus required to provide true advantage. Legacy systems are often seen as an underlying threat to the majority of insurance digital transformation projects that often goes unnoticed. And no matter how sophisticated your digital capabilities, if legacy systems exist, they’re destined to fail.

Want to transform your operational efficiencies. Are you looking to streamline legacy business processes? Prime helps carriers transform their business and achieve their technology growth plan offers through the use of innovative technologies.

Despite the tremendous popularity of digital disruptive technologies and its usage in insurance industry, studies conducted demonstrated carriers are struggling to reap the benefits of digital transformation. The insurance sector is unable to capitalize on the benefits of the digital disruption – partly due to legacy systems that make it difficult for different applications to be integrated.

Customer service and the customer experience- The new battle ground for business

One thing if we notice, insurance industry never competed with other industries when it comes to customer engagement and value journeys. At a time when customer service and the customer experience are becoming a means of competitive advantage, insurance domain has not moved from traditional ways of engaging with the customers. Digital transformation is accelerating across every industry. But Insurance industry didn’t evolve the way others have.

Achieving digital transformation in todays’ fast changing business landscape

While some Industries including retail, banking and FMCG industry have long discovered how legacy systems are standing in the way when it comes to tackling the challenge of digital- transformation driven disruption. They have realized that achieving digital transformation in todays’ fast changing technological landscape can be an intensively manual effort if they choose narrowly focused tools. Because conventional systems are simply unable to provide the agility, flexibility and efficiency that today’s rapidly businesses use cases demand.

Digital transformation is changing way carriers conduct business

It can be somewhat difficult and complex to know how to digitally transform and mobilize business in the digital era. From banking to retail, and transport to healthcare, digital transformation is changing way businesses plan, and engage with customers. The right approach and strategy can increase revenue, improve customer connection & business processes, and allow a business to remain agile.

With the development of fintech, cloud technology and other disruptive platforms, today’s technology options for insurance industry provide a level of flexibility and reliability that would have been unheard of only a few years ago. Organizations that haven’t embraced would be surprised to know how these new technologies are transforming every area of modern business. Exploring these cutting-edge options for your business is no more an option but a business imperative.

How Omni channel experience can empower insurance

Gone are the days when customers had very few options when it comes to interacting with a business. The only channels of communication were face to face with the representatives, official mail correspondence or speak to insurance agents over phone. Thanks to digital revolution, the number of channels of interaction available to the customers dramatically increased. Like never before, the businesses are coming under increased pressure to embrace multi-channel approach with the rise in the number of people of using mobile apps, social media forums, consumer rating services and a host of connected devices.

We are increasingly living in the age of digital transformation, where customer experience is assuming a lot of significance to maintain a competitive edge regardless of size and nature of the business. Differentiation customer experience requires innovative approach that can change the way insurance business is conducted.

  • The insurance industry is witnessing a significant digital and business transformation. On the other hand, carriers continue to face challenges when it comes to addressing regulatory requirements, retain existing customers, acquire new ones and maintain their competitive edge over competitors in a rapidly changing business environment that is being altered with emerging business models surrounding digital transformation. Despite these obstacles, you have useful technology at your disposal to overcome the challenges – predictive analytics, mobility, and cloud computing and big data being a key to this success.

If you’re building your future on digital transformation initiatives to redefine your customer engagement, it’s crucial that you do it right. Digital transformation offers carriers endless opportunities, but they must figure out how to make best of it.

How confident are you in your organization’s ability to adapt to digital transformation. Despite strong focus on transformation efforts, many organizations do not believe their digitization efforts are fully effective. Fortunately this is easy to achieve.

Prime enhances global insurers by transforming operational efficiencies, specifically in insurance software through insurance management services.

Our expertise in the technology necessary for profitable growth is at the forefront of:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data

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