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Salesforce should be the fuel for rapid, confident business decisions because it gives deep insights into business possibilities that are often buried deep in the data. It’s true that Salesforce is a well-equipped and easy to deploy platform but in the absence of know-how and a proven strategy it can lead to considerable problems post-implementation

Why One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work

Organizations that have completed implementation projects can share their experiences as it helps those who are going to embark on implementation projects overcome hurdles that stand in the way of implementation journey. But it turns out that there is no single way to do that and organizations don’t share the knowledge they earned in a hard way with others that easily. Also, no two implementation projects have similar requirements and strategy that worked for one project may not work for others. In other words, a one-size-fits-all approach may do more harm than do any good. So you need someone who has a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience, a Salesforce implementation partner who will make sure your CRM implementation is in line with the requirements of your business.

Prime is a certified Salesforce Partner, with an extensive experience in Salesforce integration and customization. We transform your operations, create customer value and enhance employee experience by realizing the potential of your Salesforce implementation.

Running a proper discovery goes beyond expectations

When most companies implement their new business systems, doesn’t matter whether Salesforce or other software solution, they do so with one thing in mind. The new system solves many problems facing them. But it is only later they realize that apart from solving problems it also creates new ones.

Which company doesn’t like to gain a valuable opportunity from a salesforce project that can help them gain a trusted, timely, actionable view of everything that matters? But the lack of focus on proper discovery required to enable the team to uncover all needs and challenges, besides strengths and limitations leaves more than half of these projects to fail before they reach completion.

Did you know that when it comes to discovery it’s important to review all processes to find out areas that could be streamlined? It’s vital to find out who is going to handle the new solution and how the team that is entrusted with the task of deploying is going to handle the challenges. Before anything, it is recommended to carry out a comprehensive analysis of all business systems, including CRM and Salesforce. An analysis is imperative without which it can difficult and complex to be truly successful with a system that is not in line with the expectations.

While it is true that the documenting system and functional requirements will make sure the final product is meeting the expectations of the business, but it is far from easy. What is recommended for any organization that is embarking on Salesforce implementation is to come up with a minimum viable product (MVP.. This will also minimize rework and scope creep.

You don’t have a good Implementation Partner with Salesforce expertise

Implementing a CRM or for that matter, any software should complement your current processes. But if your team is frequently complaining about the new system or they are facing troubles navigating the system, then there is a big chance that then you’ve got a problem with implementation. This happens when the implementation is done quickly.

What you need is a skilled Salesforce Implementation Partner who will see to it that instead of adopting one size fits approach, they will customize a Salesforce road-map that will meet your business goals. They will make sure to take sufficient time to learn about your business requirements, understand your technology challenges and goals.

Prime is a certified Salesforce Partner, with extensive experience in Salesforce integration and customization of over a decade. Our Salesforce implementation services include development, administration, integration, Salesforce Analytics, Support automation & analytics and security, monitoring & compliance. Our implementation of Salesforce spans multiple domains, including Finance, Healthcare and Entertainment.

What makes Prime Salesforce Consulting Services different from others?

We partner with you during the entire process to customize any feature you may have on your wish list and ensure that you are able to achieve all of the following:

  • An excellent delivery platform on-premise and on the cloud
  • Deliver a great customer experience to improve sales
  • Create a great work atmosphere

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