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In 2019, Amazon announced a new SDK for its unified communications service: Amazon Chime. Amazon Chime reduces the frustrations commonly associated with virtual meetings. The Chime SDK allows for faster build time, seamless integration with other AWS services, and built-in security and compliance. 

The necessity for a service such as this is more evident than ever in today’s socially-distanced world. Synerzip is a technology and integration services partner for AWS’s Amazon Chime. It leverages its real-world experience with AWS products and services with the Chime SDK to power your company’s communication needs.

Amazon Chime Advantages and Differentiators

Markedly, Amazon ensures the reliability and privacy needed to deliver quick and secure connections. From doctor-patient telehealth visits to real-time customer service offerings. Even if your company is present worldwide, Amazon Chime leverages eighteen available global AWS Regions to optimize its performance. In fact, here at Synerzip, Amazon Chime powers regular meetings between AWS and our team in Pune, India. It provides noise-canceling wideband audio and video with high-quality resolution.

A unique feature of Amazon Chime is its ability to integrate with any natively branded application. Hence the platform can power your audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities without disrupting your UI or even relocating you to their browser or desktop application. Furthermore, Amazon Chime unlocks innovative possibilities for connecting your company with customers. It offers complete integration with the software or website you already have. Additionally, the Chime SDK hits the sweet spot between ease of implementation and agency over your user’s experience. 

Picture providing the customer who wants to ask a sales representative a question to speak with them immediately. Or a primary school student is accessing their class in one-click without parents fearing about being lost on the internet. Take for example, the opportunity for your fitness studio to re-open with virtual group exercise classes live-streamed in your home. 

Synerzip – Amazon Chime SDK Partner

The ease of use for developers is what enables Amazon Chime to be a powerful and rapid solution. Consequently, building a secure, reliable, and even the native platform is now possible in merely a few weeks. 

Synerzip is at the forefront of this new offering by participating in the Chime SDK Partnership Program, hosted by AWS. Through this program, we receive specialized training and support to accelerate the fulfillment of any audio, video, or chat communications requirement our clients may need. 

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