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Micro Frontends – Next Generation Scalable Frontend Development Framework

In this ebook, get access to expert insights on understanding, building, and implementing the micro frontends framework.

Micro Frontends – Next Generation Scalable Frontend Development Framework

Micro Frontends is a next-generation frontend development framework that extends the microservices framework of functionality all the way to frontend.

The highly scalable framework breaks down frontend monoliths into smaller and simpler modules that can be developed and deployed independently but appear as a single cohesive application to the user.

In this ebook, we decipher the micro frontends framework to help you understand:

  • Key benefits of Micro Frontends architecture
  • Few reasons why Micro Frontends may not make sense
  • Translating Micro Frontends’ benefits into business needs
  • Micro Frontends’ impact on User Experience
  • Security in Micro Frontends
  • Communication between Micro Frontends
  • Performance and shared libraries

Download this ebook to learn and evaluate if micro frontends best fits your organization, end-customers and technology setups. Reach out to us for specific use cases to see how micro frontends can add tangible value to your frontend development efforts.