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Angular Or React–Don’t Roll The Dice

November 14, 2018

Technology leaders have to make tough choices. Sometimes, these choices decide not only the fate of the business application they are building but also theirs. Reeling under pressure to deliver software product that is relevant to their audience and delivers engaging user experience, making the right decision requires you to know the risks well in advance. Often the risk you take is down to choosing whether to use Angular or React for your new software application.

In this webinar, we will share some key insights and risks that you may run into while making your choice. Our panel will place Angular and React head-to-head and make it easy for you to make your choice.

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Meet our panelists

Yogesh Patel, Pankaj Parkar and Mike Watson

Join Yogesh Patel (Director – Engineering) and Pankaj Parkar (Architect and Microsoft MVP) along with Mike Watson (VP – Engineering) in our interactive webinar. The panel will compare React and Angular. They will also help identify business applications and some scenarios where one technology may be more suitable than the other.

Mike Watson VP Engineering at Synerzip

Mike Watson, VP Engineering at Synerzip, is a veteran engineering leader with over 15 years of experience leading software teams. Mike’s passion is in helping software product development organizations transition into strong Agile practices and cultures within. He has experience working with large and medium public companies (such as Motorola and Tangoe), as well as mid-to-late stage startups (such as 4thpass, Solbright and Quintessent). Mike has been fortunate to work with a few of the leading minds in modern agile process development.

Mike’s technical specialties include Kanban/Scrum, highly scalable enterprise software, SaS/Cloud compliance, Application Security, System Integration and Mobile Commerce.