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“Working with Synerzip helped us accelerate our roadmap in ways we never thought possible!”

Naysa MishlerCo-Founder and CEO Everest Effect

The Client

Everest Effect is a modern yet simple approach to the complex world of disaster relief. Founded in 2019, Everest Effect is re-imagining Disaster Recovery by enabling access to critical supplies in times of need.

Their online platform puts critical resources directly into the hands of impacted individuals to accelerate their recovery. Goods listed range from food and supplies to temporary housing and transportation.

The Challenge

Everest Effect partnered with Synerzip in 2019. Its business was increasing, and they needed to enhance their current web-based application. The partnership with Synerzip came into being on the recommendation of another customer.

The ongoing pandemic made the client, and it’s business even more relevant. Subsequently, the Everest Effect management team wished to release their product feature – Marketplace by March 2020, in time for it to be useful. Delivering a working product in a few short weeks was an ambitious endeavor, but as we have seen, pandemics have their timeline.

“Our goal was to launch the Marketplace in the second half of 2020, but with the Synerzip team, we launched it in March!”

The Solution

Everest Effect’s web application is WordPress based. It implements crawlers to scrape data from different websites, search engines, and social media to populate more resources from the web. To begin with, Synerzip explored different crawling options and user story grooming. Synerzip technologists used the LAMP stack with WordPress as the CMS. Additionally, two-factor authentication ensured security. The application was hosted with Amazon Web Services, and Google Analytics is the preferred tool for data analysis.

Contrary to its apprehensions, the timezone difference was not a hindrance to Everest Effect. Due to different timezones, Everest Effect could leverage continuous development cycles and make faster progress. Naysa and the team refined the requirements during US work hours, and the India team implemented them during their workday. Transparent work processes and daily sync calls made prioritizing easier.

The Outcome

Synerzip team shared many ideas, brought in different points of view, and worked as a close partner to help provide solutions in these unprecedented times of need. All this high energy helped accelerate product development! Synerzip was months ahead in terms of development and delivery.

Mishler also has great experience working with the UI/UX team at Synerzip. As a startup, many attributes are unclear, and pivoting is often necessary. This change requires flexibility, and it is the most significant advantage Synerzip offers Everest Effect.

In the past nine months, Synerzip team worked on delivering,

  • Migration of EE Platform from shared hosting to AWS
  • User experience for a new feature – Marketplace
  • Marketplace feature development

Mishler is happy that they saved a considerable amount of time and money, but more because they created a product experience that they can be proud of.

Tech Stack

  • Frontend- HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Backend – PHP, WordPress
  • Database – MySQL
  • DevOps – BitBucket, AWS