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Expansion of data and analytics solutions

“The dedication and work ethic from our Synerzip resources are outstanding.”

Joseph EcksteinEHR Data

The Client

Synerio (formerly EHR Data) is the first healthcare platform utilizing Bitcoin SV that incentivizes patients to share their personal health data with their healthcare providers and other related entities.

The Challenge

Synerio is a relatively new company in the healthcare data space. As it expands its patient-centric healthcare data solutions, a team within the company is focused on building industry-agnostic versions of its data and analytics solutions. As a small company, however, the team would need additional resources and sought to partner with an outside vendor to expand the team’s capabilities.

Documentation and reporting has been thorough, which helps to keep things working smoothly for me as a manager.”

The Solution

Synerio sought out Excellarate based on a referral from the team leader, who had worked with Excellarate on similar projects in a previous role at another organization. On a team of fewer than 15 developers, four would be from Excellarate. The Excellarate developers were full-time, dedicated, and based in Excellarate’s office in Pune, India. The Synerio team found that Excellarate team members were familiar with the US workspace and applicable regulatory standards, including some with very specific skillsets and experience geared toward the industry.

The team found synergy quickly, and the time zone difference posed no significant issues. Work days overlapped approximately two hours each morning which was found to be ample accommodation for live collaboration. Synerio often found the time difference to be beneficial–they found the Excellarate team to be extremely dedicated and hard-working, and were consistently impressed each morning with how much they had been able to accomplish overnight. Excellarate developers were thorough in their documentation and reporting of activity and progress, which kept things running smoothly.

The Outcome

Overall, the Excellarate team had a more effective combination of the experience, skills, and background sought by Synerio compared to local options. The Excellarate team became an extension of their own. They were dedicated and thorough, helping to keep the project on schedule, which would not have been possible without them. Working with Excellarate helped to keep project costs down vs. hiring additional in-house and/or local resources, and any potential anticipated obstacles–time zones, culture–never posed any meaningful problem. Synerio would happily work with the Excellarate team again on future projects.