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The Client

The client is a leading technology company in the US, planning to move their social video platform from on-premise to SharePoint Online in order to manage costs and become cloud-ready. The large-scale platform hosts more than 30,000 videos and is accessed by more than 50,000 concurrent users, so the idea of migration raised many concerns about performance, security, and loss of data. After redesigning the platform, and by providing ongoing engineering and technical support, Excellarate facilitated a successful migration.

The Challenge

The client used a social video platform built on SharePoint, which hosted more than 30,000 videos, and was accessed by more than 50,000 users on a regular basis. The challenge was to manage running such a large-scale platform and moving to the cloud was ideal to reduce costs while also aligning with the company’s overall initiative to become more cloud-ready.

Since the social platform was built on on-premise SharePoint 2010, the client’s next challenge was to find SharePoint architects with the experience to migrate their on-premise setup successfully to SharePoint on the cloud while maintaining its availability during the migration.

The Solution

Migration to SharePoint Online

Excellarate designed and developed the end-to-end migration plan to SharePoint Online (SPO). Since a significant number of videos must be made available on the cloud, Excellarate redesigned the architecture, migration & engineering, application development and support services for the SPO-based approach.

Excellarate architected and developed integration services with Azure in addition to encoding and DRM services for the new enterprise video portal. The client was able to consolidate data from across their enterprise into their social video platform which gave them control over the files that are uploaded. Finally, we assisted in quality testing, fixes, and post-launch support through our Managed Services. This process helped make the migration and launch as smooth as possible.

The Outcome

Migration to the cloud delivered the following benefits:

  • Increased performance
  • Increased accessibility
  • Simplified content management
  • Improved mobile access
  • Maintained DRM features
  • Enhanced security and data recovery measures