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The Client

GrowthSimple is a data and analytics company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive growth outcomes for Saas and subscription e-commerce companies. Revenue streams for Saas organizations significantly depend on end customers seeing value from their services. Likewise, the ability to drive engagement and up-sell and cross-sell other products in the portfolio depends on the end customer getting effective outcomes.

GrowthSimple helps their customer’s grow revenue by helping them walk the path from raw data to outcome-driven insights quickly.

The Challenge

GrowthSimple needed to build their platform  to derive actionable insights based on prescriptive and behavioral analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence. They needed a solution that would give insights with reasonable accuracy and present these insights to their customers in an easily understandable format.

The Solution

Excellarate team created an analytics solution based on machine learning.

The team first analyzed the various data sources and formats and then built a model to standardize the different dataset types. Machine learning and deep learning models were built and trained based on these datasets to derive intuitive insights.

Initially, the team faced problems with statistical models such as RandomForest that gave poor results and outcomes. Excellarate professionals then treated the challenge as an NLP problem and an event sequence and used the Text Classifier (LSTM) model. This change substantially improved the model’s outcomes.

The team created an automated solution to use an orchestration engine and a tracking tool to compare different models and their experiments. This solution provided an intuitive way to compare results and reports.

The Outcome

Excellarate collaborated with GrowthSimple to build a comprehensive product usage analytics solution that provides stateful behavior analytics, flexible funnel analysis, and bespoke predictive analytics capabilities to fully understand their user conversion, up-sell, retention, and engagement.

The client already sees success with its initial set of customers in conversion, retention, and up-sell use cases.