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The Client

The client provides cloud-based software solutions for the hospice industry that focuses on areas such as regulatory compliance, employee management, and clinical documentation.

Their intuitive and comprehensive software solutions help hospice caregivers save time and focus on improving patient experience.

The Challenge

Regulatory compliance and security restrictions made it difficult for the client to accommodate third-party tools with their workflows. They were also custom scripts along with these third-party tools to facilitate their product development.

This was not ideal. Also, it is expensive to configure integrate and deploy multiple tools. This repetition in the development process meant sub-optimal utilization of resources and low productivity.

They needed a solution where they could automate their development process using continuous integration and continuous deployment. The client had chosen AWS CodePipeline which presented its own challenges. It has a vast library of microservices that need to be configured (using AWS AWS CloudFormation CLI). Since no templates were available the configuration must be built from scratch.

The Solution

Excellarate’s team of highly trained professionals helped the client setup AWS CodePipeline with its own set of scripts for automated configuration of microservices. This was a one-time activity. In the background, AWS CloudFormation hosted the development and infrastructure configuration. This helped the client drastically reduce configuration time and minimize effort by simply configuring only the parameters they needed for the service and not worrying about how the service is implemented or run.

The team effortlessly fixes pipeline errors and issues using nested triggers. Separate accounts were used to ensure security compliance at the environment level. To ensure control over the process, manual checks are implemented up until the Delivery stage. Post this, the Deployment stage is fully automated up until Production.

The Outcome

Partnering with Excellarate’s team the client successfully implemented AWS CodePipeline which resulted in:

Savings of more than 50% due to the reduction in manual and technical overburden. The client was able to reduce dependence on legacy tools for security, performance and software updates, etc. With AWS CodePipeline and Excellarate’s expertise, the client was able to integrate third-party tool functionality with their own versions.

Implementing the entire CodePipeline all the way to the production in such a large environment. This meant the entire CI/CD pipeline is now scalable and adaptable for future needs. Adapting to any new configuration now needs minimal configuration. This was a big win for the client!